4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

Family Moves Out Of Whitehaven After House Shot Up

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(Memphis) A Whitehaven family is moving out for safety reasons after a group of criminals shot up their house.

One man is in jail, but two are still out there.

The Cox family packed up and moved off Windward Avenue Wednesday, afraid they could be a target again.

Large bullet holes cover their home’s front window.

“Why are you moving out today?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Because it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it,” said Myron Cox.

Cox is packing up all his stuff and moving his family out of his Whitehaven home after his house was shot up and he was beaten up by a group of guys in the community.

Police have only charged one of the men, Eric Benard.

“There were three of them, but they only caught one,” said Cox.

Myron says this rage was revenge.

A few weeks ago, he kicked out his roommate for not paying rent.

Police say the ex-roommate’s gang member friends came back and shot up Myron’s house with no regard for his family inside, including three young children, who are just 9, 4, and 2 years old.

After the gunmen shot up the house, Cox says they came back a week later, this past Sunday, and kicked down the door and beat him senseless in front of his kids.

Myron’s face is still black and blue and his body is bruised, but it didn’t stop him from protecting his family, moving out of his house, and closing the door behind him.

Benard is being held on a $750,000 bond.

If you know someone involved in these crimes, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.


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