Was Judge Joe Brown’s Arrest A Publicty Stunt?

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(Memphis) There are new questions about the arrest of a former television judge and current Shelby County District Attorney candidate Joe Brown.

Many are calling it a publicity stunt.

"I am a little hot under the collar," said Brown when he got out of a jail on his own recognizance Monday night.

Judge James Beasley signed the order.

Brown was in juvenile court arguing a warrant in a child support case.

Magistrate Harold Horne told Brown it wasn't on the docket, and the case was already disposed.

Brown didn't like what Horne said, and on audio recordings, you can hear him threaten Horne.

"Now you want to get into this? Let's get into this. This sorry operation needs to stop," said Brown in the courtroom.

Horne threw Brown in jail for contempt of court for five days.

"I learned Brett Weirich, which is my opponent's nephew, was down there egging him on to take me into custody and jack me up," said Brown.

"Amy Weirich doesn't have a nephew who works at Juvenile Court. As best as I can tell after asking around, her husband, Chuck, is a part of a large catholic family, and that's a family member she doesn't even really associate with," said Lang Wiseman, who is District Attorney Amy Weirich's campaign manager.

"His political people were down there. There were attorneys down there ready to represent him immediately. You can draw your own conclusions as to what the purpose of it was," said Wiseman.

Juvenile Court Chief Magistrate Dan Michael said Brown came to the courthouse with his attorney and was shaking hands with people before he walked into the courtroom.

Michael said the former television personality "accomplished what he wanted," and "sadly, this is not Hollywood. This is real life court. Seventy litigants total were in court attempting to get child support for their children and trying to get child support so they can get food for their kids. He disrupted that. As an officer of the court, he knows better."

Michael said under Tennessee law title 37 section 107, Horne had every right to arrest Brown for contempt of court.

Brown told Judge Horne that magistrate appointed by the elected juvenile court judge are illegitimate.

He told Horne at best, he could give him a $10 fine.

Brown is sticking to his story saying his arrest was a personal and political attack.

"Forty years! I've never seen such a circus as they've got down there. That's the most disgraceful farce I've ever seen," said Brown.

Brown has a criminal court hearing set for April 4.

Wiseman said Weirich and her prosecutors will recuse themselves from the case.


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