Terry Hobbs Held Up At North Memphis Business

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(Memphis) The man some have long considered a suspect in the murders of three West Memphis boys 20 years ago became of victim of crime himself Tuesday.

Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of Stevie Branch, was working at Discount Building Supply in North Memphis when it was robbed by a man wielding a knife.

"They said he had a knife, but I didn’t see no knife at his neck," said Darrell Edwards.

Darrell Edwards, an employee at Discount Building Supply, says he saw a man holding Hobbs by the neck, but at the time had no idea what was going on.

"He was holding Terry by neck and was hopping and trying to get close to the door. He did get by the door. He pushed Terry down and opened the door and just started running," said Edwards.

Edwards say he saw the man run to a convenience store nearby and get into a white, four door car with a woman inside.

No word on how much money he took.

Employees are just glad no one was hurt.

"We can always get the money back," said Edwards.

Many people have long suspected Terry Hobbs took part in the murders of the three boys.

Just last year, his ex-wife Pam Hicks accused him of being behind the murders.

Hobbs has always maintained his innocence.

If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.


  • Rick Mullenax

    Terry Hobbs a suspect? I’m sorry, but police decide who’s a suspect. Not some ill informed filmmakers, celebrities, and joiners. Research the case outside of the Damien Echols bandwagon. Thanks.

  • Alyssa

    Actually, Terry Hobbs *is* a very viable suspect in the case, and I think the filmmakers were well-informed when they did their research. I’m not accusing him, nor do I think other people are, but suspecting Terry Hobbs is no crime, it’s simply being logical.

  • piratekingray

    Its a little more than that. His hair was found in the nots, he gave contradictory answers his friends hair was ALSO found at the scene. And given that the police waited fourteen years to question him when standard procedure is that the parents should be the first interviewed or questioned makes me doubt the competence of the wmpd.

  • dylan

    Most likely one of Terry’s friends, and Terry split the money with him later. His coworker even said, “they said he had a knife, but I didnt see a knife.” LOL, sounds like theatre to me! Who said he had a knife? Probably Terry.

  • James Baker

    Its easy to decry the Echols and WM3 movement but anyone who wants to look at the evidence can find almost all of it. websleuths is a good place to start. The facts are that Hobbs is by far the likeliest suspect. His profile fits like a glove. He has a history of extreme violence (shot his brother in law), domestic abuse and beating his kids with a belt. His alibi is cloudy and changes often and more than one witness has come forward to say they saw him with the 3 kids the evening of their death, when he denies seeing them. His DNA was found at the crime scene in one of the knotted shoelaces used. And to cap it all off John Douglas the FBI profiler makes a compelling case for his involvement. Notably and most damningly Hobbs was often violent with his stepson before his death and is the only one near the case who had a motive for the crime. This is only a fraction of the evidence against Hobbs. There is much more for those who want to find it.

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