Random Acts Of Kindness Reported At Several Dyersburg Fast Food Restaurants

(Dyersburg, TN) Numerous random acts of kindness are popping up in a Mid-South town, not only surprising people, but also inspiring others to pass on the generosity.

Over the last week, someone has been paying the tab for total strangers at fast food restaurants in Dyersburg, Tenn.

The anonymous gesture of good will has made a lasting impression on people in the Northwest Tennessee community.

One of them is Candice Scott, who works the drive-thru window at the Dairy Queen in Dyersburg.

“Thank you for choosing Dairy Queen. Take your time and order whenever you’re ready,” said Candice Scott.

Last week , a customer pulled up to get his order.

“I took his money for his order and he was like, ‘I want to pay for the next person.’ So I took his money again and he was like, ‘No I meant the next five people.’ And I was like…really?” said Scott.

The lucky customers were shocked when it was their turn to pay and discovered they didn’t have to.

“The people behind him were just like, ‘Are you serious?'” said Scott.

Candice said the same man did the same thing five days in a row.

Tuesday, the story of the anonymous generosity had the drive-thru line buzzing.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea, just to anonymously help someone else out. Maybe brighten their day up unexpectedly and bring a little cheer to the world,” said Murry Moore of Dyersburg.

We soon found out these random acts of kindness aren’t limited to the DQ drive-thru.

Three young ladies inside the restaurant were surprised when a total stranger paid for their lunch.

“Well, we got to the counter, we ordered our food. They got all us and then somebody paid for it,” said Sirmara Davis.

In fact, there have been several random acts of kindness reported at a few other fast food restaurants in Dyersburg.

It’s believed they are a godly gesture from members of First Christian Church, where Lead Pastor Brian Grow has been delivering a series of sermons entitled “Shine.”

“Which is based on Matthew, chapter 5. And Jesus said, ‘let your light shine before men.’ And what He told them is you would never light a candle and then hide it. In the same way, we have a light inside of us. For myself and people at First Christian, God has changed our lives. That’s the light that’s in us and we’re called to share that,” said Pastor Brian Grow.

Grow said he knew all along his sermons would bring a positive reaction in the community.

“Unbelievable what happened. People are taking notice. you’re here from Memphis…people are taking notice,” said Grow.


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