Young Boy May Have Sparked Apartment Fire

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(Memphis) A massive fire in Raleigh has displaced at least four families.

The flames broke out at the River Grove Townhouses and Apartments off James Road and spread quickly just after noon Tuesday.

The Memphis Fire Department says four units burned.

The flames were so high, they shot through the roof, and firefighters were forced to fight the blaze from the outside because it was just too dangerous inside.

Firefighters say no one was injured in this fire.

WREG talked to neighbors like Danny Brown, who knocked on doors making sure everyone got out.

Firefighters aren't sure what sparked the fire, but Brown says he saw a young boy panicking and running around looking for help.

"I rushed down to make sure everybody was okay and there was a little boy was in the kitchen trying to cook," said Brown. "He was going door-to-door trying to knock on people's doors and I went over there to make sure everybody was OK. I called the fire department and the next thing you know, flames just want everywhere. I mean flames are so high, I was like 'Oh my God!'"

Brown says he saw the young boy get picked up by what appeared to be a grandmother.

He says the boy was around 12 or 13 years old and home alone trying to cook.

Fire investigators say they still need to interview that boy.

It took hours for firefighters to get the fire under control, partially because of the wind.

The wind even caused some of the burning debris to fly through the air, setting a grass across the road on fire.

Firefighters were able to extinguish that before it spread to the woods.