Family Dollar Clerk Shot During Attempted Robbery

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(Memphis) A Family Dollar clerk was shot during an attempted robbery Monday evening, according to a Family Dollar corporate representative.

The woman was taken to the MED trauma unit in non-critical condition.

The Family Dollar is located at Hickory Hill and Knight Arnold.

MPD said in an email, "The suspect is described as a male Black, 17 to 20 years old, and last seen running behind the business."

Crayola Fant used to work at this Family Dollar, and now works at another location.

She said she rushed over when she heard who was shot.

She and the corporate representative say a young man walked in, pulled a gun, and demanded cash.

He thought the clerk was taking too long, and when she yelled for the manager to help, he shot her.


    • Effie

      Another day, another shooting in HIckory HIll. Pass the sugar please. What’s the weather supposed to do today?. Can I get some more coffee, honey? Don’t forget to pick up the kids, from soccer practice. OK.

  • Jets

    What is it going to take to just stop these little creeps from murdering peeps juust for the thrill? How about cowboy justice?

  • Niner Fan

    Elvis you are the only monkey and if it’s that bad for you then leave. The real issue is the lack of respect these youth have for authority. They have no fear. And to not even fear God is frightening. Praying for change.

  • Harry

    Another day, another shooting in Memphis. Black on Black crime is out of control and WE all know it. Where is the outcry? Where is the candle light vigil? Where are the black ministers? Thank God, that I moved from this extremely, violent city.

    Who will be shot or stabbed today?

  • Dawn

    Okay here is my thought process on this matter . Lets build family dollar store in high crime areas and have the employees work 2 to 3 hours by themselves is actually a liability to the company and their insurance !!! If you are going to do that then lets ensure that there is staffing that reflects the geographic conditions !!! Your sales provide your payroll and then some , it is just GREED to fatten the pockets of the people high on the chain !!! When does GREED come before safety and a LIFE ? I know I used to work there !!!

  • jones elliott

    I think if the laws where more tougher then some of this crime will shorten. The city is baby spoiling these kids and that’s why they do the dumb crime here in memphis.

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