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Suspected Wallet Thief Arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Germantown, TN) The woman that Germantown Police believe stole credit cards from Panera customers is now behind bars.

53-year-old Teresa Booker was booked into the Shelby County Jail Sunday evening.

Booker is facing charges of theft of property over $500, theft of property under $500, and identity theft.

Booker is suspected of stealing several wallets from customers at Germantown’s Panera Bread on Poplar over the past year.

Police were able to identify Booker by using surveillance video and tips from citizens.

Police say she made counterfeit drivers licenses to match the victim’s information and used the stolen credit cards to make thousands of dollars worth of purchases.

This isn’t Booker’s first brush with the law.

Since 1996, she was arrested multiple times for theft, forgery, prostitution, and drug charges.


    • Harry

      Hillbilly thugs steal wallets. Black thugs stab and shoot people everyday in Memphis. Yesterday a black thug was killed by another black thug on Emerald near Knight Arnold in Memphis. What black will be killed by another black thug today?

      Show me a city with a large black population and I will show you a city with a high murder rate: Memphis, Oakland, CA., Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH. etc.

  • The Real HatesElvis

    Hillbilly thugs do more than steal wallets they kill there family kidnap kids shoot up schools just to name a few

  • gypsy lee

    crime is crime, no matter who does it, if we could work together as hard
    as we bagger one another, it could make a difference.

    • diva14

      they only know how to be what they are..and this is what they teach their kids..but i’m here 2 tell u that criminals come n all races..I’ve worked with them in custody for various reasons..

  • diva14

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  • Terrie

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  • kay

    wow! Germantown police-good job. this POS needs to be locked up forever, she gets out, it will start again. Keep her in jail

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