Memphis Madness: Fans Stock Up On Watch Party Treats

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(Memphis) Tigers fans spent Sunday getting their taste buds into Memphis Madness, in preparation for Sunday night’s big game against Virginia.

In just the 30 minutes we spent at Gibson’s donut shop, the store sold hundreds of donuts decked out in Tiger blue and white sprinkles.

Owner Britton DeWeese expects the donuts to be their most popular treat this March Madness tournament season.

“There's no donuts like this where we're from,” said high school spring breaker Mason Dennis.

He took his Tiger blue and white to go - all the way back to Dallas, Texas.

“We're going to get home in time to see the game, that's why we're leaving so early,” said Dennis.

Across town at Ching’s Wings, pictures of Tigers players hang everywhere.

Cory Adams spent the morning prepping for Tigers fans. He says on game days, the wing shop is packed wall-to-wall.

“It's pretty wild some days,” said Adams.

Sunday was no exception.

Before the wing shop even opened, they had hundreds of large to-go orders riding the bench. That's thousands of chicken wings going home to Tiger watch parties.

Adams is thankful he'll spend the night watching the game at home when he gets off work.

He might love whipping up a good meal, but he loves watching the Tigers play even more.

“I get to catch it. I'm happy about that,” said Adams.