License Center Opened Saturday, Many Drivers Still Having Issues

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(Memphis) Just a few people lingered outside the Driver's License Reinstatement Center at Hickory Ridge Mall Saturday. It was a huge difference from what lines usually look like.

Wayne Shannon says he ran into a long line earlier this week.

“It was so crowded. I was here this week and the line was way out the back door,” said Shannon.

Shannon didn’t have time to wait, so he left.

For five Saturdays this spring, the Department of Public Safety will open the reinstatement center. DPS hopes the Saturday openings will help drivers fight long lines.

It did for Shannon - it only took him about five minutes to get what he needed.

“It’s very convenient. During the week, it’s just chaos,” said Shannon.

DPS stresses to bring every document you need before you come to the reinstatement center.

For two days in a row, Megan Abernathy waited more than an hour in line to get her license. But because she didn’t have every document, she's still without a license.

“It’s awful. I took off two days of work for this. Two days, I've missed work, now I have to take off Monday,” said Abernathy.

She wasn't the only one frustrated. Many others stormed out of the office cursing.

Abernathy points out that it takes at least twice the amount of time to get through Shelby County lines than anywhere else in the state. She says DPS needs to do even more to keep the lines moving.

“This is the only reinstatement office they have in here, the only one, this is not good,” said Abernathy.

A department spokesperson says long term plans are still being ironed out.


  • Amazing staff

    I visited this location today and I was done in about 15 minutes tops. I saw 2 ladies with a different badge than everyone else. The lady at the front computer had a district manager white badge. She was so professional. Then insane a lady with a CDL shirt and she took my first monies. She then instructed me to fill out an application and see the young lady at the end. Ot took 4 minutes for the lady at the end to point to me and tell me to come up.Her badge said branch manager Hamilton. I asked if she was at this station and she said no she was over Shelby Drive. I was moved that both these managers of upper authority gave time out of their Saturday and their busy schedule to deal with the public. They saw the need and not the customer. These ladies were so humble about their jobs and if we had more like them during the week, we would not need Saturday services. They need recognition and a raise. Good job drivers license. My spirit is renewed

  • Wake Up

    They ought to require the same documentation that the wet backs have. Go through there with your birth certificate, bills, PREVIOUS LICENSE, and get refused. Show up from Mexico with nothing but a crumpled piece of paper from another country and a rent recipt and bam you have a license. Pitiful.

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