Neighborhood Waiting For City To Replace Torched Playground

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(Memphis) The weather is nice, but people living in one Orange Mound neighborhood say their kids don't have a nice place to play.

Someone torched most of the playground at Brentwood park last summer and the city hasn't replaced it yet.

"It's ugly. Yeah, it's ugly," said John Polk.

Most of the play set is gone and you can still see the scorch marks on the rubber flooring around it.

"It’s a nice park I played here as a kid. It’s just unacceptable to have a park in a neighborhood where kids play that’s been damaged like this for three years," said Polk.

Polk has called just about everyone he can think of in the city, but says so far he's just gotten the run around.

He says if the city can build a big, brand new playground at Overton Park in Midtown  they can put a new one in Orange Mound.

"They said they are waiting for insurance to kick in, but our tax dollar pay for this," said Polk.

The  city says it removed most of burned equipment 6 to 8 weeks ago for safety reasons.

A city spokesperson said it took time to file insurance claims, but construction on the new playground should begin in June.


  • John Snow

    I do not blame the city for not rebuilding it – some are not that dumb, they very well know that in the first year it will be torched again. The neighbors saw who did it and stayed silent. If you care about your community then take care of it -if you do not care then keep quiet.

  • Cheryl Marty

    I was thinking the same, WHY is the person who did this not the one paying us Taxpayers back … And instead of winning why not have a fund raising and start working on it. Been 3 years could have been done by now. Then other things could have been added with additional funds, Then maybe just maybe if the community helped bring it back they would do something about it being ruined.

  • David Todd

    More give me give me give me. Maybe I am tired of giving to people that don’t take care of or appreciate what they are given ?!

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