Kellogg/Union Dispute Has No Resolution In Future

(Memphis) After nearly five months of being locked out of their jobs at the Kellogg’s plant in Memphis, the NAACP’S Memphis president announces the company wants to resume negotiations with workers.

However, WREG is hearing a different story from both the union that represents the workers and the company itself.

Reverend Keith Norman held up a letter at the NAACP Gala last night that he claimed said Kellogg wanted to return to the bargaining table with locked out workers.

Friday, we learned that letter may not mean a whole lot.

Outside the Memphis Kellogg’s plant workers are still on the picket line and referred our questions about negotiations resuming to union bosses.

WREG talked to a bakery and grain union leader by phone.

They call the letter the NAACP Memphis president received Kellogg propaganda.

They say people like Al Sharpton and others inquiring about the lock-out received similar letters from the cereal maker.

The union says it is still fighting for a contract that doesn’t add so many temporary workers to the company and reinstated their old health care benefits.

Meanwhile, Kellogg also responded to a WREG web story about the NAACP president’s announcement talks were resuming.

The company wrote it wants employees back to work as soon as possible but, “The status of our negotiations with the BCTGM however, has not changed. “

The company says employees are paid extremely well and changes for newer workers to stay competitive.

So for now, the company parking lot remains empty with Kellogg employees standing on the other side of the gate along the highway trying to gain support for their cause.

“I wish them good luck, yes I do. I know they got a family and everything, you know,” said Juanita Teel, Kellogg employee supporter.

The bakery and grain union is awaiting word from the National Labor Relations Board. They’ve asked the board to declare the lock-out illegal.

The board has yet to rule.


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