Josh Hardy Could Be Out Of ICU Next Week

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(Memphis) So far, an unapproved drug is working to save a 7-year-old St. Jude patient's life.

Determined to get him back to ball of energy he once was, Aimee Hardy hasn't left her son Josh's bedside at St. Jude Children's hospital.

"Of all the things I have done in my life, I never thought I would have to do this. I think you're not strong, but you have to be," she said.

Josh caught a deadly virus after he got a bone marrow transplant, and doctors couldn't find a cure.

After a fight that made national headlines, the small drug company Chimerix gave Josh an experimental dose of brincidofovir last week.

Friday, Aimee Hardy told WREG the medicine is saving his life.

Josh could even be out of the ICU next week.

Doctors don't know if the infection caused any permanent damage yet.

His mother is praying his kidneys, heart, and lungs will heal on their own.

She said her son is still very weak and depressed. The thought of not getting the drug really affected him.

Josh's birthday is March 31. His wish is to walk and eat on his own.

His three older brothers are in town and playing with him. The family is just trying to get the little guy to smile once again.

"This is all going to fall into God's plan. I believe there is a lot of things that say if you believe, your prayers will be answered. I believe without a doubt that he is going to come through," said Aimee Hardy.

Doctors are expected to run more tests Tuseday, and that's when we will find out if the virus is completely gone.

WREG will continue to keep you updated on Josh's recovery.


  • Believer

    Just a thought Jeremy – God created the person and equipped them with the ability to create the drug.

    • Free Thinker

      I guess this same god went to the trouble to inflict the illness on the innocent child too. Don’t forget to complete your circle of logic.

  • tracy h

    God is a part of everything. If faith is what keeps this lady going..then who are you to diminish that? We owe all praises to Him and I pray that her son lives to be an old man.

  • Robert

    The good lord has seen to let all of us see his power…through strife and good graces. He anoints us privilege and pain, For this reason alone we are judged. Let he who has no faith be not the skeptic, but rather the one without faith and the love for humanity.

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