Jonesboro School Shooter Denied Supreme Court Review In Drug Case

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Mitchell Johnson

(Jonesboro, AR) Mitchell Johnson, one of two people who shot and killed five and wounded ten at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro in 1998 has been denied a U.S. Supreme Court appeal of drug and gun convictions.

Mitchell Johnson was released in 2005 after serving seven years and was arrested two years later during a traffic stop for illegally using a controlled substance and having a firearm.

Johnson wanted the conviction tossed on procedural grounds.

He was sentenced to four years in federal prison for those charges followed by three years of supervised release.

Andrew Goldman, the other Jonesboro shooter, was released in May 2007 after serving 9 years and now goes by the name Drew Douglas Grant.


  • bellefolly

    Andrew Goldman spent almost one – half of his life in detention. He was 11 years old at the time of the shooting. Too young to fully comprehend the to fully understand the tragic consequences of his behavior. At 20 or 21 he now lives with the heavy burden of his actions that day. If he changed his name in hopes of trying to have a life, where do you as a journalist find it necessary to expose this young person’s identity? It adds nothing to the Mitchell story. Cheap shot.

    • Freedomwasawesome

      That’s bull. I received my first gun on ninth birthday and I was fully aware of what killing was and the consequences of murder.

  • Aha!

    I agree, bellefolly. The news stations did not want to really investigate the mess the school merger would bring. They just presented their bias against the old Shelby County Schools. Had they done their job, we might not be in the mess we are in with our school systems. Memphis news outlets do a poor job investigating and reporting substantial news that could seriously affect the citizens’ day-to-day lives. I really do not care what he changed his name to, and neither does anyone else outside of a few people in Jonesboro.

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