BBB Warns Of Scam Targeting Taxpayers

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(Memphis) It's that time of year - people are stressed to file taxes before the deadline.

But now the IRS warns some thieves are trying to convince taxpayers they owe even more money to Uncle Sam.

“They're telling people, you owe the IRS taxes. If you don't pay immediately, we're going to arrest you,” said Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau.

That's not the only extreme threat - some immigrants are reporting the crooks are threatening deportation!

Hutchinson said, “It's clearly a scam.”

But it may seem legit at first.

The BBB warns the scammers call with names and badge numbers, and it may even say IRS on your caller ID.

The con-artists aren't just calling, they're also sending emails plastered with the IRS logo.

They'll demand everything, from your card information, a payment by a pre-paid credit card, even a wire transfer.

These crooks are banking on one thing.

“All of us get a little nervous when we hear IRS. So they`re counting your emotions will outstrip your common sense,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson says use your common sense before handing over dollars and cents. He stresses the IRS will not call you and demand a payment over the phone.

No victims have come forward here in the Mid-South, but Hutchinson said, “Obviously the IRS wouldn't put out an alert if it wasn't happening."

To keep it from happening to you, call the IRS directly.

“Slow down, take your time and deal with it if its real,” said Hutchinson.


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