Why A Suspected Wallet Thief In Germantown Could Be Hard To Catch

(Germantown, TN) Germantown police believe they have identified the woman they say stole credit cards from Panera customers.

Detectives have warrants for 53-year-old Teresa Booker on charges of theft of property over $500, theft of property under $500, and identity theft.

Police said Booker could be anywhere, and could have even left the city.

Investigators also said she has mastered the art of disguise. She wears wigs and changes her hair.

Booker is suspected of stealing several wallets from customers at Germantown’s Panera Bread on Poplar over the past year.

Police said by using surveillance video and tips from you, they put the pieces together.

She made counterfeit drivers licenses to match the victim’s information and used the stolen credit cards to make thousands of dollars worth of purchases.

Booker’s former inmate, who wanted to keep her identity hidden for safety reasons, said Booker is innocent and “runs from trouble.”

She says the two met in jail and went through a drug rehab program together.

“She got off drugs, so I don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “I promise you. I don’t feel like she did that.”

This isn’t Booker’s first brush with the law. Since 1996, she was arrested multiple times for theft, forgery, prostitution, and drug charges.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Germantown Police. 757-CASH (2274).


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