Wooddale Middle Student Says Classmates Threatened To Kill Her

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(Memphis) A Shelby County middle school student said she's receiving death threats from her own classmates.

She said they've sent her pictures of a casket, and even told her where and when they were going to shoot her.

Shelby County School administrators said they do not take bullying lightly and are looking into it.

They've also told MPD about it, and a police report was filed earlier this month.

Since the threats were made online, there could be criminal charges.

"All she does is cry, and she wants it to go away," said her mother, Latisha Wooten.

She said the threats started two weeks after her daughter enrolled at Wooddale Middle last month.

"They wanted to beat her to death. They would catch her at her locker or when she least expected it. The last [message sent] said they were going to shoot her," said Wooten.

Wooten said the death threats started after a boy gave the 12-year-old his KIK username.

"They put a post above a casket that said this is her casket. They said I'm going to need help with her funeral dress. I'm going to need help getting her a dress for her funeral," said Wooten.

Wooten said she found the horrific messages when she was snooping. She turned them over to the principal and MPD.

According to the police report, the bullies sent numerous messages saying they were going to kill her when she least expected it.

One message even said they were going to use an AK-47 to shoot her.

"She wrote notes saying she wants to kill herself. She's thinking suicide," said Wooten.

After she said she found a suicide note in her daughter's room, Wooten refuses to send her back to school.

Right now, her daughter won't leave her room.

"She is in the bed all day long. She can't get up. She doesn't eat. She won't eat. She's terrified," said Wooten.

Wooten wants the school and police to take action to protect her daughter.

"It hurts to see my child cry every day. She balls up and cries, and she doesn't want to go to school," said Wooten.

Wooten said her daughter hasn't been at school all week, and she doesn't know when she will go back.

She said neither the principal nor Shelby County Schools has checked in on her.


  • Sad

    It is so sad that this young girl has to endure this. Bullying is an epidemic now and it has to be stopped at home before it even gets to school. If this poor girl would’ve taken up for herself in the end she would’ve been punished, but since her Mom did the right thing as is taught in school, she is still having to endure this pain. Bullying is never OK and parents of kids who are bullies need to start standing up to their kids and teaching them some respect!! I hope this young lady is able to heal and overcome this. It is ridiculous that kids have to be scared to go to school.

    • upaces88

      Girls don’t have the same reactions that young men do.

      Do you Columbine?
      Do you know what really caused it?
      Young men in puberty…when the hormones are rising…were being bullied, threatened and humiliated.
      Columbine was/is a wealthy area. The kids that were being harassed, of course, went to their parents. Their parents were NOT wealthy.
      The parents went to the school. Nothing was done because WHO their parents were in the community (VERY wealthy and influential)

      They also went to the police dept. NOT ONE THING WAS DONE TO STOP IT. Finally, the boys lost it, and fought back in the only way, they felt, was left to them.

    • MissTee

      This is not unique to Memphis.

      If you don’t live here, and you hate Memphis so much, why are you on this site? You gave up and left. You had nothing to offer this community and you still don’t. We don’t need you here and we don’t care about your comments. Go hassle the news sites in your new location.

  • beverly

    My granddaughter enrolled in Wooddale High School and shortly after was jumped on her way home – beaten up – jaw broken – thanks to someone who was nearby to help her get away. School wanted to ignore issue – finally after going to the board with Dr.s reports got a transfer. This is only one of the few incidents at Wooddale – check the past news reports.

  • Tosha stewart

    My son is 12 yrs old and we live in Alabama and my son also is being bullied and my son attempted suicide last Wednesday and when brought to the schools attention they said we know the student who ur talking about and ur son must be provoking him for him to react this was and I was like ok u have a school full of white kids(we r white as we’ll but my son is Choctaw Indian) and I guess it will be ok for u to allow it but when I said that I would take my baby out and home school him I was told I wasn’t smart enough to educate my son like the professionals was, it was told to my son that he needed I watch his back and that he would end up stabbed to death or have his neck broken back broken and he would make sure he would spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair and the school is over looking it and it’s not right! I’ve heard so many bad things on this school since we moved here and it’s a shame really that children are going through this stuff and the parents have no care for it

  • Betty

    This women should move and get her daughter to safety. Even if these thugetts get kicked out of school they still live in the same area as this child, I hope charges are ffiled against these bullies.

  • upaces88

    I just remember something from years ago. BUT! This is Texas. I don’t know what they laws are there.

    When anyone threatens…has the means, motive and weapon PLUS threats…they can be arrested no matter how old they are: “Aggravated Threat”…even if they are a minor.

  • John Snow

    I have to as, the ones doing the bullying, do they not have parents? The parents should be held just as liable. But it seems they do not have any – only “its” to draw welfare for.

    • Brendanward

      I think the girl mom should send her to a institution . Because she is
      Suicidal . So they should send her for her own safety

      • upaces88

        Remember Columbine? Everyone first “blamed the guns.”
        This is a Columbine REPEAT” except it is just one person.
        Think back…Columbine was a very wealthy area. Most of the kids who went there had fathers that were CEO(s) etc. The kids were picked on…. Had their heads shoved into commodes, trash cans.

        The parents, of course, went to the Principal. Nothing happened.
        Why? The kids who were bullying had very wealthy parents. They were shaming them in public The kids who were being attacked were from normal income families.

        The parents then went to the police to see if they would help. Nope, those wealthy people were very powerful.

        These were young men just coming into puberty. Their parents had already tried for them, of course! They, then, took matters into their own hands.

        Do I approve? No. this is what happens when authority figures do NOT protect the children. I can’t solve it for them. You can’t solve it for them.
        What’s the answer?

    • upaces88

      The school principal and the Administrative leaders next need to step in and expel those kids making the threats.

      Then hold a meeting in the school auditorium declaring, WE WILL EXPEL all who threaten other students.

  • mr.matt

    a message to the young girl…these kids are scum. they are most likely jealous of you and in search of love and attention that they cant find at home. thank the lord that your mother cares and is doing what she is doing, good luck to you both. a message to wooddale and MCS…if you do not procecute to the fullest then you are just as guilty as the bullies

  • telco

    It says that since threats were made online there could be criminal charges…What do they mean could be i think there should be. Police and the DA drag their feet on serious issues such as this, but fail to pay the city or county a fine and see how quick they have a warrant for your arrest issued. If this young girl was to commit suicide then they would act as if they had been on top of it the whole time, when we know different. These kids making the threats obviously do not fear the law or the school administration and I wonder why.

  • Melanie

    My daughter was bullied, the 3rd time I called Southaven police department I was told if they had to come back I’d be arrested.

  • Terrie

    OK Look. WE ALL have been bullied at some point in our lives.
    This girl needs to learn how to fight & let go ! I know what you’re thinking but you know I’m right.
    One good hit to those mean faces & most likely they’ll stop.
    These bullies are just “mean” and need to have their arse beat to show them what it feels like.

  • kay

    sad story but the bottom line is if this girl struck back/fought back she could be seriously injured, I say transfer the kid to another school or get the heck out of Memphis. you have to take care of your kids and do the best u can for them. Girls are very violent when they fight, it is never a one on one, always about 10-1. Mom, get her outta that school.
    horrible school anyway, too much goes on there.

  • Ricky

    Nowadays (and at urban schools in the ghetto in particular) you cannot fight back, because the tribal mentality will get you “jumped” by the indigenous population or “lead poisoning” on the walk home or at the after school function. Many years ago you could fight one on one, but not anymore with the tribal mentality. You resist now and you’ll end up dead like that young man who’s head was slammed into the toilet seat at school till he expired. Whole family has to move. Terribly sad, but you can’t deal with gangsters. Gangsters and their gang-banging relatives, parents, and friends shoot first and NEVER play fair.

  • Memphis

    Mom you should go to Tony Armstrong(Police Director) and Amy Weirich (DA) office and drag their buts to Wooddale Middle. I’m sure they can trace these threats back to the right person. I’m sure it’s more than one student. If they can get just one of them the rest will fall in line.

  • joyce williams

    It is so sad what this parent is going through. My child has been going through some things as well and nothing has been done about it. I have done everything i can. I wish that we as parents would come together to be the voices for our children. Its going to take more then one or two voices to be heard. This has to stop and it can. Let stop this mess. Lets stand up for our children before its to late.

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