Kellogg’s Says It Never Stopped Offering To Negotiate With Workers

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(Memphis) Kellogg's executives today told us their status with their workers has not changed, despite an announcement at the NAACP Gala Thursday night by the NAACP president.

Rev. Keith Norman said he received a letter from Kellogg, which said they are committing to sit down with the union and start negotiations.

Employees have been locked out of the plant since their contract expired last fall.

In a statement, a representative for Kellog said the company wants union leaders to let their members vote on a new contract:

Kellogg wants to see our employees back at work as soon as possible, and every week we continue to offer to meet with the union or consider any proposals that the union would like to offer, in an effort to finalize a supplemental contract to end the lockout. 

The status of our negotiations with the BCTGM, however, has not changed.

Unfortunately, the BCTGM walked away from the bargaining table days before the contract expired. Since that time, they have not provided our proposed contract to the membership for a vote, nor have they offered any written counter proposals of their own. In fact, they have not offered any proposals – whatsoever – and continue to refuse to participate in negotiations, despite our repeated requests.

Our proposal protects the significantly above-market wages and benefits Kellogg provides current employees in Memphis. On average, these employees earn $28 per hour, which with overtime averages $98,000 annually. This is between 25 percent and 79.5 percent higher than the market, depending on the position. They also are guaranteed full healthcare for themselves and their spouses, at no cost to them, for life. Kellogg’s proposed contract protects the wages and benefits of current Memphis employees –  they will not see any changes to their wages or benefits.

Wages proposed for new hires also are extremely competitive, averaging between 17 percent and 42 percent higher than comparable positions in the Memphis area. In fact, under our proposed contract, new employees would earn an average of $22 per hour, which equates to a base salary of approximately $45,700 before any overtime. In comparison, the average annual income in Memphis is $40,685 per year. 

Kellogg remains committed to reaching a fair and competitive contract that allows our Memphis cereal plant employees to continue to make the good living they long have enjoyed – even as we continue to face a tough and highly competitive market for our cereal products.  The changes we are proposing will enable long-term and sustainable operations at the Memphis plant. That’s good for the employees, the community and the company.

The contract dispute between Kellogg and its 225 local union workers started late last year.

Kellogg has said any contract changes would not affect current employees, rather they would be implemented for future hires.


  • lierman

    I think that it is Great that they want to talk. Only if they are willing to talk about just supplemential items ( no wages ) go for it if thats not the case lets wait for the ruling from the NRLB than make them pay.

    • Joe Bo

      I feel for the employees, hourly workers and mangement. Kellog is is trying to survive. Bottom line: you want your kids eating cereal made in Beijing, Mexico, or Indonesia? Gonna cost more if its made in Battle Creek. Its our choice. We seen how Wma@$$$t wiped out American manufacturing. Yet we complain about no jobs. We get paid, run straight there. Not surprised, more then 80% of there products originate off shore. But you call yourself a patriot. You call yourself American. A real Boston Tea Party Patriot will take action. These people are the riches of the riches. Thank youwhite middle America. You are left out of there equation. Started in benton Arkansas, but the people around those parts are destitute. You are soo busy trying to blame us cus you not rich and famous

  • Joe Bo

    WM bigger than the Mobb, keeping the poh white trash poh and trash. The funny thing is, you dont even know when you being prayed upon. Lol

  • hateliberalcommies

    Shut the unions down,,they are the cancer that’s killing America,,too overpaid and only protects the worthless workers..

  • John Snow

    What are the workers wanting? 3 hour work day with 10 hour pay? If the figures are actual then who can complain when a person with a high school diploma or GED makes $28.00 an hour plus overtime. Go hungry, sit in the rain and snow and let Kellogg move to another city. I know there are plenty of cities that would love to have the plant move.


    Don’t listen to the negative windbags paid by Kelloggs to spew these kind of lies on these sites. This is what they want you to read so to chip away at you a little at a time. Stay strong for the middle class because it is all out warfare against the working man and woman. We are gaining strenght and finding these people on here for more to report to NLRB so let them spew. Stay Strong and SOLIDARITY!

  • Mary

    It’s my understanding that the workers asked for nothing. The company wants to be allowed to hire many more season B’s which make less pay and have no benefits. The company said they would not negotiate the matter and locked the employees out. If the company were open to negotiations, they never would have locked their employees out. Working at Kellogg’s is a high risk job for injuries and the conditions are pretty rough. They literally work in an oven with heavy equipment that can crush hands etc. It’s nothing like working at mickey D’s. Kellogg’s is doing their best to bring back the old fashioned sweat shops. The care not about the injuries their employees suffer and when a worker gets hurt, they try to accuse the worker of getting hurt at home. When an employee is put on light duty, their supervisor will accuse them of getting hurt at home or at the gym…like the employees have time to go to the gym with the insane amount of forced overtime. Thank goodness for OSHA keeping the company on their toes. If an employee is asked to do something that the employee feels is unsafe, the supervisors will threaten to fire for refusing to do a job. When the employee gets injured, the company calls them accident prone. The supervisors they hire know nothing about body mechanics and can’t understand why you can’t hold a large amount of weight far from your body. If equipment goes down and they don’t want to stop production, they will have workers lift heavy totes full of cereal off the floor for an entire shift. The employees don’t get sick pay for things like the flu. You have to use family medical leave to keep from being excessive with call ins. It can take years to earn back points you lost due to a simple illness. The divorce rate at Kellogg’s is sky high due to the rigid attendance policy. Your kid is getting married? Good luck with getting the day off.

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