A Special Stop On Bunny Lane

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(Memphis) The Le Bonheur Club founded the Children's Hospital in 1952.

One of the oldest traditions at Le Bonheur is Bunny Lane.

The Le Bonheur Club makes sure it's always stocked with toys and a little help goes a long way.

Bunny Lane is the last stop for children before they're sedated to go in for surgery or other procedures at Le Bonheur.

Each child gets to choose a toy and hopefully take a pleasant thought back with them.

Anesthesiologist Joel Satzman told us, "The easier, the calmer the children go to sleep the better they're going to wake up and the better they're going to do in surgery."

Cathey Wilson is the chair of bunny lane this year.

She's at the hospital at least twice a week re-stocking the shelves, "It puts a positive experience in what can otherwise be a very hard time for a family."

Not only are the children comforted but it's also a time for parents to take a breath and clear their minds for a moment.

"We don't treat the child we treat the family every child is a family in crisis,"  said Satzman.

Since the hospital expanded and more patients are coming, Bunny Lane needs three times the toys it used to and outside donations ensure there's always a variety.

Over the last 13 years, students at Briarcrest Elementary school collected more than 400 stuffed animals for Bunny Lane.

We met Tate Gentleman on his first time collecting toys for Bunny Lane.

He says he got a little emotional when he met some of the children at the Le Bonheur, "I'm just thankful to have what I have right now."

In the MidSouth, many families are thankful to Le Bonheur for everything the hospital does, from first class care to Care Bears and action heroes on Bunny Lane.