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Candidate Disqualified From Running For Shelby County Commission

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(Shelby County) A woman who applied to run as a candidate for district six representative has been decertified.

There were concerns Edith Moore did not meet residency requirements to run for the position.

She listed an address in District Six, which is made up of the Raleigh/Frayser area, as her home, but neighbors testified under oath that Moore doesn't really live there.

"The truth is I live next door, been there 20 years, and I've never seen her or anyone else living in the house."

"There is no furniture in that house whatsoever."

The neighbors said they weren't trying to stop her from running, but it's the simple truth - and an investigator for the District Attorney's Office says they're right.

He investigated Moore and found out where she really lives.

MLGW told him Moore just turned on the power for the house on Mensi Street near Highway 51 in north Memphis.

"Gas was requested to be turned on on March 11, 2014."

Moore's attorneys said it all proves nothing as long as she intends to live in the house - the law says she can be on the ballot.

But the commissioners Wednesday saw differently, all voting that Moore didn't meet the requirements for candidacy.

This is the first time something like this has happened for as long as most commissioners can remember.

"If you don't habitate someplace, you shouldn't say you do."

Moore still insists she lives where she claimed, and says the system failed her.

"I am disappointed."


  • Bytemeagain

    Busted for trying to pull the old address switcheroo for personal gain. When are people going ot learn? Oh yeah, they’re not.

    • Common Sense

      Why are property values going up in Collierville and Germantown?

      Why are property values going down in Memphis and Detroit, MI ?

      If this question does not make sense, then you probably attended one

      of those Memphis City Schools.

    • Common Sense

      They live in their correct districts and the masses love them.

      Fullilove won her last election by a landslide. She is extremely well
      liked in her community. If the people in her neighborhood don’t like MLGW Smart Meters and they don’t. She will stand with them. The lady knows what to do to get re elected in her community.

  • Hard Truths

    Remember when Bunker Rainey tried to run for City Council using a storage unit as his “residence” in the district?

    I do. That jut-jawed, signifying Christianist is the perfect representative of the yahoos who elected to the County Commission..

  • R. E.

    My parents taught me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything bad either”. Sooo…… NO COMMENT !

  • For Real

    She will try it again in the future after anyone with a brain leaves this hell hole. SCS 2014 = MCS 2020.

  • Ahad

    What a shock? This happened in Memphis. Edith you got caught this time. And now everyone is forming opinions about you.

  • Terrie

    For what its worth….I am very proud of the neighbors stepping up and telling the truth!! This woman is one of many.
    Maybe they too will be investigated.
    1 point Mphs.

  • mr.matt

    Ive worked in the service industry for 14 years and trust me. they may have a house in the district but dont “live” there. i mean are you crazy? who would want to if they had a chioce?

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