Wife Watches Husband Get Run Over, Police Then Give Her A Ticket

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(Memphis) Police are searching for a driver who hit a man in North Memphis, sending him to the hospital with brain trauma, kidney damage, and lung damage.

The victim's wife, Erika Yeverino, said her husband was standing by her car, which was parked outside a friend's home, when another driver swerved onto the lawn, hitting him and her three kids.

Her husband, Ricardo Nicolas, and two oldest kids were transported to the hospital.

If that's not enough, police said the wife of the victim was ticketed for having no driver's license, no insurance, and a car with no child restraints.

Through a translator, Yeverino told WREG she watched the car run over her husband.

"Six of his ribs are broken. His left leg is broken. His right arm, and his lung was dislocated. His kidney was destroyed. It doesn't look good," she said.

Yeverino said she pulled up to her friend's house on Chelsea Avenue for a barbecue Saturday night.

Her husband came outside to get the kids and was standing outside the driver's door when an oncoming car swerved.

"The person driving was running fast in the truck, so I guess he might be drunk," said Yeverino.

She also said the driver's lights were not on.

The car dragged Nicolas 20 feet down the road. The driver got away.

"It's not OK that that person is driving on the roads right now," said Yeverino.

Nicolas is still in the intensive care unit at the MED.

Doctors told Yeverino he is making a slow recovery.

Nicolas is a construction worker, so Yeverino hopes he makes a full-recovery.

Otherwise, she doesn't know what the family is going to do.


  • Jakrabt

    So instead of pursuing the hit and run driver they are busy ticketing the victim’s wife? Looks like she was ‘Served and Protected’ by the MPD…. This kind of stuff does nothing to bolster respect of our police.

    • bambam84

      Such as in the double shooting in Whitehaven. Woman disarmed a perp, stood her ground, shot both of them in self defense, and was “detained as a suspect.”
      You can’t even be a victim in this town anymore.

  • takenobull

    uh we all can be sadden by this episode. You can assume the police put out a broad cast for the hit and run driver. In the first part of the story it said police was searching for the hit and run driver. It was not as though they weren’t looking for him. BUT a headline bashing the cops sells news. How ever it would be interesting if the reporter had not been so PC and told if the family were here illegally. As to the wife driving with out a Driver’s license, no child restraints, and no insurance, we can all hope she is forced to abide by the law before she injures a citizen under these circumstances.

  • Skeptic

    What the hell is a dislocated lung??? Was it a car or a truck??? Why should she be exempt from the law because her husband was injured??? I truly hope he gets well and is able to support his family. Hope the other driver get caught and convicted.

  • steve

    i could be wrong but i believe its federal law that if the vehicle was on “private property” no ticket of any kind could should have been written. however if it was parked on the street i don’t kno. seems like “probable cause” has to come into play. this is definitely one for the lawyers……

  • steve

    Since the woman was not driving and was simply standing by a parked car that she owned, yes, her not having a license or insurance should be overlooked because it is not illegal to own a car and not have insurance and a license.

    • Sina

      “Yeverino said she pulled up to her friend’s house on Chelsea Avenue for a barbecue Saturday night.
      Her husband came outside to get the kids and was standing outside the driver’s door when an oncoming car swerved.”
      The police never saw her driving but she must have admitted it to them.

    • Common Sense

      Until this crazy b!t$h get in an accident with those kids in a car with no child restraints. Then everyone can whine and moan about how the cops should’ve done their job and made sure she couldn’t drive after seeing she had no license, insurance, or child restraints in the car. Come no people, get a friggin clue…

  • dave123456

    It says the husband was standing bu the car not his wife. So some think it should be over looked that the wife had no dl, no insurance, and no.vhild restraints. Sounds like the wife of yhe injured man should have never been behind the wheel herself

  • Sugar

    I am a friend of the family and we’d appreciate some respect. The family is going through a hard time right now.
    First of all the family was parked on a private property not on the street. The other driver drove on to the yard and that’s when he hit and dragged Ricarda about twenty ft from where he was standing.

  • JustMe

    Ok.. Did the police actually witness her driving the vehicle? If not, then how can they charge her with no drivers license, no insurance and no child seats. There is no law that specifies a parked vehicle has to be insured. No law that specifies that children must be in a car seat in a parked vehicle, no law that specifies that an occupant of a parked vehicle must have a drivers license.

    Unless they saw her actually driving the vehicle, the ticket is bogus.

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