Wife Watches Husband Get Run Over, Police Then Give Her A Ticket

(Memphis) Police are searching for a driver who hit a man in North Memphis, sending him to the hospital with brain trauma, kidney damage, and lung damage.

The victim’s wife, Erika Yeverino, said her husband was standing by her car, which was parked outside a friend’s home, when another driver swerved onto the lawn, hitting him and her three kids.

Her husband, Ricardo Nicolas, and two oldest kids were transported to the hospital.

If that’s not enough, police said the wife of the victim was ticketed for having no driver’s license, no insurance, and a car with no child restraints.

Through a translator, Yeverino told WREG she watched the car run over her husband.

“Six of his ribs are broken. His left leg is broken. His right arm, and his lung was dislocated. His kidney was destroyed. It doesn’t look good,” she said.

Yeverino said she pulled up to her friend’s house on Chelsea Avenue for a barbecue Saturday night.

Her husband came outside to get the kids and was standing outside the driver’s door when an oncoming car swerved.

“The person driving was running fast in the truck, so I guess he might be drunk,” said Yeverino.

She also said the driver’s lights were not on.

The car dragged Nicolas 20 feet down the road. The driver got away.

“It’s not OK that that person is driving on the roads right now,” said Yeverino.

Nicolas is still in the intensive care unit at the MED.

Doctors told Yeverino he is making a slow recovery.

Nicolas is a construction worker, so Yeverino hopes he makes a full-recovery.

Otherwise, she doesn’t know what the family is going to do.


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