“Linda, Linda” Boy Gets That Cupcake And Mom Gets A BIG Surprise


(WREG-TV) The determined 3-year-old boy seen begging and debating his mother for a cupcake finally got that cupcake, actually several dozen.

Video of the adorable, yet naughty begging has been seen more than 4.5 million times.

Mateo and mother, Linda, were guests on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and got several big surprises

In addition to the cupcakes, his mom was given a spa gift certificate where she could relax in silence.

She was also give a $10,000 check to help with some bills the family needs to pay off.

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  • Freedomwasawesome

    Rewarding bad parenting and disobedience. Awesome
    I’d like a follow up in 6 or so more years

  • Spedteachermom1

    Bad parenting? Not at all! That child is adorable! I think just the opposite. She’s a great parent and the child is obviously surrounded with great family. I would have done the same thing Linda did and record him.

  • leighbbrown

    If you go about life digging and looking for dirt…then dirt is what you will surely find. There’s no dirt here….just a precious little boy. Truth to tell, someone should get that child an agent. He’d make one great actor if he can remember lines this well at this age…he was obviously mimicking whatever he’s heard grandma say to mom.

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