“Glory to God” Josh Hardy Responding To Meds At St. Jude

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(Memphis) Josh Hardy, the 7-year-old boy at St. Jude who received an unapproved drug to kill a severe infection, is responding to that drug in an amazing way.

Josh is being treated in Memphis at St. Jude.

Today his mother, Aimee told WREG’s Jessica Gertler, “Glory to GOD the medicine is working! Before Josh took the medicine, the adenovirus showed up in his blood in 250,000 log copies. Yesterday, after only 2 doses (Wednesday and Saturday), the log copies are down to 1,000! If it stays on this course, it should be gone by next Monday!!!!”

Since Josh was 9 months old, he has beat cancer four times.

When he got a bone marrow transplant last year, Josh faced another battle, he caught an adenovirus that spread through his body.

On March 11, Aimee told us, “He had the bone marrow cells administered January 10. On January 14, we went to the ICU, and we have been there since. He had heart failure, kidney failure and major lung issues.”

Brincidofovir is not approved by the FDA but is being used under a special protocol.

You can keep up with Josh on Facebook and read HERE for more on his story.


    • passkickgoal

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      Your delusions have been noted.

  • GodFearingWoman

    @ Jim Reginelli… how do you actually think you are living right now? God is the creator of all mankind. There is nothing that mankind can create on their own. May God continue to Bless Josh Hardy! Think before you speak!

      • Freedomwasawesome

        Awe that’s what it is. Your parents didn’t want you!
        Soo sad There are counselors for that

      • passkickgoal

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    • passkickgoal

      Your statement was bit flowery in context and sorely lacking in substance, but all I can expect when a person runs out of reasonable argument and reverts to stupidity.

    • hateliberalcommies

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      From the 1977 movie “Oh, God!” :

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  • GodFearingWoman

    To get people like you to see what it means to truly depend on God and have faith in the One True Living God!!! Instead of acting in a negative way we should be giving thanks that this little boy may have an opportunity to live a normal life!

    • passkickgoal

      You seem confused. Ours is not the extraordinary claim.
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      • Free Thinker

        This argument amazes me. You ask us to believe in talking snakes, bushes and donkeys, unicorns and dragons, yet think we are crazy for believing in testable, verifiable facts.

        How does that make any sense to someone who possesses deductive reasoning? Answer – it doesn’t!

        The internet and it’s amazing access to information will be the end of these ridiculous iron age fantasies. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Memphis

    Lord bless those that don’t know you for they know not. God you have answered many prayers for Josh and continue to watch over us all that believeth in you.

  • Amanda

    All trials are a blessing from god. They built character. Every single being on this plant was put here for a reason. We’re just to ignorant to understand what GOD has planned for us. <— GOD FEARING AMERICAN!!

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