Search Suspended For Possible Plane Debris Off Australia



(Sydney, Australia) A day that began with high hopes ended with uncertainty late Thursday in Australia as darkness put an end to the search for two objects captured on satellite and described as possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Aircraft from Australia, New Zealand and the United States will resume the search Friday, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

Sailors aboard a massive Norwegian cargo ship summoned to join the search will continue to work throughout the night, said Erik Gierchsky, a spokesman for the Norwegian Shipowners Association.

“All men are on deck to continue the search,” he told CNN. “They are using lights and binoculars.”

Hindered by poor weather in a wild, remote area of the southern Indian Ocean, neither the surveillance planes nor the Norwegian ship had managed to spot the debris photographed Sunday by a commercial satellite.

John Young with the Australian Maritime Authority said the largest piece appeared to be about 70 feet.

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