Complex Threatens To Evict Veteran Over Service Dog

(Memphis) A disabled vet is told to make a choice: his service dog or his home.

The injured soldier is doing what he knows how to do best – fight back.

The apartment complex, Houston Levee in Cordova, said the tenant’s service dog bit a child, and if he is not willing to get rid of the dog, they both have to go.

Robert Hamilton and his service dog Roam are inseparable.

He is an Army Iraq war veteran, a decorated and disabled combat service member.

However, that did not stop the complex from trying to break the two apart.

“The cowards left a note in my door, without even knocking, telling me I have 14 days to get rid of my dog, or this serves as my 30 day eviction notice,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton suffered multiple concussions while serving and uses his dog Roam to help control his anxiety.

After receiving a complaint that Roam bit and tore the jeans of a child in the complex, Hamilton was told he must get rid of the dog or leave.

Hamilton said the child continued to harass Roam, even after being warned not to.

“The kid didn’t say he had a rip in his pants. He didn’t say, ‘My pants are torn.’ He didn’t say, ‘I got bit. I’m bleeding.’ So, we went on about our business.”

Attorney Webb Brewer said he believes this could be a violation of the Fair Housing Act and the American Disabilities Act.

Hamilton said dogs are allowed at the complex, so he never told them Roam is a service dog.

No one ever asked either, and after learning about the so-called attack, the apartment complex acted Tuesday night.

However, after calls from WREG and people across the country, late today, attorneys for the complex said it plans on fixing the situation, so Hamilton and Roam can stay.

“I’m from the United States infantry… A grunt. I don’t scare,” Hamilton said. “I fear no man and no attorney.”

Hamilton said a lawyer with Glankler and Brown, the firm that represents Houston Levee, told him as long as he provides documentation proving Roam is a service dog, the matter will be resolved.

That response came after receiving phone calls from angry veterans across the country and after WREG posted the issue on Facebook.


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