An Inside Look At The New National Civil Rights Museum

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(Memphis) The National Civil Rights Museum is reopening its doors on April 5th.

The multimillion dollar renovation will give the old Lorraine Motel building a new look and feel.

"It's very different from what it used to be," Beverly Robertson, president of the National Civil Rights Museum, said.

The upgrade is filled with exhibits that bring you face to face with the past.

"Normally, you would walk through a museum and see a book on the wall," Robertson said. "You walk through this museum and you are immersed in the experience."

For instance, one young boy took an uncomfortable seat, feeling the inhumanity of a slave ship. He heard the sounds of whips cracking and chains rattling.

People will also experience walking through the courtroom of Brown vs The Board of Education.

The next stop is the bus stop to take a seat in front with Rosa Parks.

Crews worked at the freedom exhibit where patrons will see the flames reignited again.

From the sit-in counters to behind bars, you can now hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's voice.

"Many of them have broken down in tears," Robertson explained. "They have been so moved by the power of place that they could not contain themselves."

Around nearly every corner of the museum, you'll also find touch screens.

The museum hopes the interactive models will help draw young people to learn more about their history.

"You have the power to truly make a difference, and this museum is the manifestation of the power of the individual to drive change," Robertson explained.

The museum is having a two-day reopening on April 4th and 5th. 

CLICK HERE for more information about those events.


  • upaces88

    I do know a few things that won’t be there:
    The first Slave Owners were FREED Africans;

    Hmmm, wonder if they will also have a statute of Obama’s ancestors that HAD slaves?

    • Harry

      Money for the police dept. NO Money for the Fire Department NO
      Money for a homeless shelter. NO Millions to renovate a museum. YES

  • David Carter

    The civil rights museum doesn’t cover the real and most important history of Blacks in this country. Our real and most important history is the Old Testament. We are the true Yisraelites and it is spelled correctly. This is why nothing is going right for us. Blacks in this country fulfill the scriptures in Old Testament completely.

    • Elaine

      WE should rebel against this ” museum “. Search the Old Testament for the answers to your future my friends…TIME is running out on non believers and come search your roots with us.

  • David Carter

    The true Yisraelites don’t believe in or accept Jesus. You people who created him,.can have him anyway you want him.

  • Elaine

    WE Yisraelites believe that men should not wear long hair. Women should not die their hair. And we say no to Fried Chicken, Catfish and Barbeque. Come join us. See the light of the true message.

  • Jay Mikesell

    One thing is for certain, while the rest of America, well most, has moved away from racism, Memphis still hasn’t. It’s evident in these replies. It will sadly always be that way if change isn’t made. My advice is to accept the past for what it is, get over it, don’t hold grudges, and move on to making this country the great nation it once was again. That’s the only way racism will end and we can finally live together as one. Black is not better than white and white is not better than black.

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