Local Gas Stations Running On Empty

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(Memphis) Tim Benner's coasting on fumes and can't seem to fill up his gas tank, “I'm going to need some gas, I'm about on E."

Gas stations from Covington to Collierville and into Mississippi are struggling to keep gas in stock.

“I don't know what we're going to do right now, we don't know when we're going to receive it,” said one gas station operator.

Some gas station operators around town say they are losing their shirts with no customers and no idea when they'll be back in business.

Some stores haven't been able to get shipments of gas since Friday.

Multiple station owners told WREG the Valero refinery and one other in the area are both down for maintenance and there's no other local refinery to get gas and sell it to us.

Bill Day, spokesman for Valero, said it's their policy not to discuss their operations.

A truck driver from Little Rock told us he is driving back and forth, trucking in fuel to the stations that have run out.

“I'm going to have to find some gas before work in the morning,” said one driver.

He wants this problem fixed fast so we're all not left stranded.

Gas station operators say Valero is expected to start producing gas again Wednesday, but only a small amount.

They have no information on when the plant will be fully up and running again.


  • mark w. morrison

    my question is?? is this a planned down time for repairs, or since we are coming to the end of the 1st QTR. just padding the numbers to meet corporate expectations.(( MGMT DOES NOT ANSWER QUESTION ABOUT POLICY or procedure. it could be a fluke or a well timed shortage. not enough evidence yo support an honest mistake.but enough half answer in the past means we are not getting the truth

  • Concerned

    This shutdown happens every year. Lack of gas has VERY little to do with shutdown. World events have more to do with it. Claim shortage and you can jack price up. One gas station in Memphis has gone up .20 in 24 hours. They seem to have plenty of gas.

  • milly

    My neighbors brother in law worked out there and he said the corporate office won’t ever spend money to fix stuff. They broke a big fan or something and it won’t be fixed until summer. Typical corporate america run it in the ground attitude. He said it used to be a good place. Mostly lip service these days. Reminds me of some other good Memphis companies that aren’t here no more.

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