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New Apple iPhone


There’s a cheaper iPhone, but for now it’s only being sold in the UK.

The new model, the 8-gigabyte iPhone 5C, is now on Apple’s UK website.

It’s more than $60 cheaper than the 16-gigabyte version, which sells for just under $800 in the UK.

Analysts say Apple has been under pressure for the last six months to lower the price of the iPhone 5C, which had been expected to come at a cheaper price tag than it did.

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  • TiffanyRenee'

    Reblogged this on shootingfromthehipblog and commented:
    Hopefully, Apple tries something new with this iphone. There has been lack of creativity in years since their primary innovator. Google with the android market is constantly reinventing itself while Apple keeps putting out the same thing with different colors. It is my opinion. All ask is for Apple is to step of their game soon.

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