Memphis License Examiner Arrested For Theft

(Memphis) A driver license examiner in Memphis has been arrested for a possible theft scheme on Monday, March 17.

Investigators say Constance Slater got away with it for at least six months.

Investigators say she was tinkering with the system so nobody would ever know she was stealing the money, but one of her supervisors allegedly caught her in the act.

People like Bryona Lewis, waiting to get their license reinstated on Winchester Road are learning there’s one less person working behind the counter.

Slater, a driver’s license examiner, is now sitting in jail.

“Yeah, I remember her,” said Lewis. “She used to work at the desk and would come and pay her to get reinstated.”

State investigators say a lot of the cash she collected, she put in her own pocket.

They say when someone would have to pay $140 to get their license reinstated, Taylor would submit $65, labeling it as something else in the system, then take the remaining  $75 for herself.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol saidwhen caught, she admitted to doing this at least 20 times over the last six months.

“That is a disgrace,” said Lewis.

“That’s just a sad thing,” said Johnny Lewis, a Midtown resident.

“That don’t make no type of sense,” said Andrea Wynn.  “I remember her face.”

Taylor turned in her uniform Monday and was hauled-off to jail.

Bill Gibbons, who oversees  the Department of Safety and Homeland Security released a statement Tuesday saying, “We take any allegation of criminal activity by our employees very seriously. Anyone who is suspected of stealing from the state will be swiftly investigated and held accountable.”

“She is going to have consequences for what she did,” said Patricia Williams, a Memphis resident waiting in line.

Investigators say she admitted to stealing money about 20 times but nobody knows for sure how often and long it might have been going on.

She’s locked up on a $10,000 bond.


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