Drivers Dodge Paper Flying Around I-55 & I-240

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(Memphis) Drivers at the interchange of Interstates 55 and 240 near Midtown, a place Memphis drivers like to call Malfunction Junction, experienced a big headache Tuesday morning.

The nickname was definitely appropriate, as something sure malfunctioned on a compactor truck that led to a terrible paper mess.

The roadway was filled with full-sized papers adds that created a dangerous situation until city crews cleaned up.

If you drive in Memphis, the last thing you want to deal with while negotiating rush hour traffic is a blizzard of full-page ads hitting you right in the grill.

Tuesday morning, hundreds, if not thousands, of full-page adds for power tools and shop equipment covered the junction of interstates 55 and 240.

Crews with Memphis' Division of Public Works started picking up the paper after receiving complaints of the mess.

City workers and even some jail inmates picked up the ads piece-by-piece as cars and trucks zoomed by.

The cost of trash collections on the interstate within the city limits is annually budgeted for, but no one was prepared for a job this size.

We showed our video of the paper mess to Matoiri Spencer, the Public Information Officer with the Division of Public Works.

"From what I saw on your video, it was an enormous amount of paper or advertisement paper all over the highway. And I've never seen anything like it before," said Spencer.

We're told the paper was picked up Tuesday morning from a printing company in Midtown by a  company called Waste Connections.

It was reportedly being hauled to a recycling facility when the paper spilled out of the back of the compactor truck.

We left a message with Waste Connections at a phone number given for the company in Memphis, and are still waiting to hear back from someone.

In the meantime, the City of Memphis is looking into what happened and is weighing its options.

"If we receive credible evidence or information that will allow us identify the person responsible, then we'll proceed to take action through our city of code ordinances and environmental court," said Spencer.


  • Gary

    They should be held accountable. Not like the driver didn’t know it was flying out of his truck. I see this all the time – where people just going to the dump in TC don’t secure their loads and it shows along Hwy 51. You think they’d turn around and go pick up the bags or boxes that flew out – heck no!

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