Police: Woman Shoots Robber With His Own Gun

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(Memphis)  Police say a man who tried to rob two people this morning in Whitehaven was shot and killed with his own gun.

So far, the woman who shot him has not been charged with anything, but police are referring to her as a suspect.

The shooting happened just after midnight Tuesday at the Sterling Townhomes And Apartments on Raines Road east of Interstate 55.

Police say a man and woman inside the complex were approached by man who tried to rob them at gunpoint.

They say during a struggle the woman got the robber's gun and fired several shots killing him and injuring the man who was with her.

People who live inside the apartment complex had little sympathy for the robber.

"Sometimes you get it trying to rob, trying to take from somebody. People work hard for what they got people and are going to put up a fight," said the man.

The other man who was shot is expected to recover.


  • Terrie

    AGAIN…if those that know who did it will call the police and tell them, it would be even more peaceful.

  • Terrie

    Did anyone else see the store yesterday on ch. 3 about how Crime WAS NOT a high priority? But education was?? Ch. 3 didn’t allow comments for some reason. If AC doesn’t work on the crime in Memphis there will be NO children to educate!!

    • Pete

      Crime is down….at least that’s what the city leaders say and why would they lie? I will tell you why. Crime hurts the chances of new businesses to re locate to Memphis. Crime hurts tourism. Crime causes the working man and woman to move away. Crime motivates existing businesses to move their store, warehouse, etc. to a new city. Crime hurts the leaders from getting reelected. Crime tends to lower the tax base for the crime filled city. (Example: Detroit, MI) Crime hurts property values and increases foreclosures. I could go on for days. If YOU are stupid enough to believe that crime is down, I have some ocean front property in KY to sell to you. I believe in Memphis and that is why I moved away. Memphis is a very dangerous and violent city and violent crime is on the rise. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Tasha

    THE things people say!!! YES He got what he ask for!! You just cant break in somebody house AN think it’s alright. It don’t work like that.

  • Don

    I wonder what the guy who was injured is gonna tells his wife about how he got shot.
    Is the woman going to keep the pistol?

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