DeSoto Wants To Fast-Track Economic Development

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(DeSoto County, MS) No one’s saying much about it, but at least two companies have reportedly looked at land in western DeSoto County with an eye to putting in some kind of big business development or manufacturing plant.

That’s great news to the owners of the convenience store on old 61 in the heart of Walls.

”People would come in for food, drinks and gas and everything. We’d appreciate that,” said the owner, Andy.

Those in the development game say it’s important to move fast to hook the good investments.

That’s why DeSoto supervisors want to front as much at $25 dollars to the Economic Development Council to smooth the way for big employers, by having sites packaged and ready for building.

”We feel like we need to get a climate so we can act more quickly when we do have economic development venture that are coming forward,” explained Board of Supervisors President Lee Caldwell.

Such plans have worked well for some of DeSoto’s neighbors.

What DeSoto County wants to do is very similar to what Tunica County has already done, which has successfully lured two German manufacturers to the area.

County leaders say it would give them the bait and flexibility to act fact, before another government could lure prospects away.

”I’m a fisherman and I want to bring in the big catch,” said Caldwell.

The only catch is, it needs legislative approval and there’s only two weeks left in this year’s session.

But business owners say they’re in favor of anything that’s good for business.

”Whatever it takes, definitely,” said Andy.

Because he says new business means more jobs and more prosperity for everyone