Woman Stealing Credit Cards From Panera Customers

(Germantown, TN) The woman looks more like a grandmother than a criminal, but police say she is a bold thief hitting her victims for over a year.

The crook is targeting customers at one specific restaurant.

Once she gets your credit card, she is able to make fake licenses.

Germantown Police believe she does it all in a matter of minutes.

She is swiping cards and taking names, one customer at a time at the Panera bread on Poplar Ave. in Germantown.

Police say the woman stole Collierville resident Donna Freeman’s wallet when she left her purse at the table to refill her drink.

“When I did that, the person got my wallet out of my bag,” Freeman said.

Within an hour, the woman racked up thousands of dollars on the stolen credit cards.

“In total, it was about $7,000,” Freeman added.

The same thing happened last year to a woman WREG spoke with in Panera’s parking lot, Linda Fisk.

“They took my wallet. I had it on the back of the chair,” Fisk said. “She had already started charging within 20 minutes of when we left.”

While Fisk believes the person who swiped her wallet was a different person than the lady police are now looking for, she still thinks the restaurant needs to make changes.

“They have no cameras past where you check out. I think they need to have cameras all through the store!”

In a statement the company said, “We are cooperating with the authorities, providing them full access to the film footage from the security cameras located in our cafe.”

WREG asked police if they have a reason this woman is only targeting Panera customers, they said they did not know.

Anyone who thinks they know who the woman is should call the Germantown Police Department CrimeStoppers number at (901) 757-2274.


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