Memphis Man Convicted in the 2010 I-Phone Robbery Murder Case

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(Memphis, TN) – A South Memphis man convicted for his role in a deadly robbery gets a life sentence.

Prosecutors say Jerome sanders laughed out loud while the judge read the jury’s verdict.

He’s charged with murdering 19-year-old martin Webster in 2010.

Police say the victim was sitting outside his apartment.. When sanders and two other men walked up.. And demanded his money.

Webster told them he didn’t have any, and gave them his iPhone instead, but prosecutors say they shot him anyway.


  • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

    You killed a brother so you ARE no different than the snow demon if these allegation are true. Taking a life Especially of your owm kind! Sick

  • grayhawk

    Jerome Sander is another sick fool, that laughter will turn to tears while he doing life in prison because he won’t be able to sleep at night.

  • Ferg

    One day, I asked another inmate where Jermoe’s mother was. The other inmate said, “she was a crackhead. She wasn’t around.” OK.

  • Go-Go Gorilla

    He is probably genuinely happy he has done this. We have a lot of these types of characters running in our streets. The he and the other heathens most likely would have killed the young man they robbed anyway. This is his types way of lashing out at society. I bet the youngster murdered was probably handsome, clean cut, and looked like he was doing well financially. As I stated in a post from another article. jealousy is the prime motivating factor an more cases than people can imagine.

  • blakspartan

    People a life sentence doesnt mean he is in jail for the rest of his life, it is labeled as 20 years according to tennessee state law

  • Ms Indianapolis317

    Memphis is wow but gotta love y”all city….Every day its some crazy mess happend in the city of MEMPHIS… I thought the mid-west had some wild cities…..

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