Man Accused Of Biting Off Son’s Nose

Joshua Cooper

(Fairfield, CA) It was a cry for help when a 17-year-old mother of a one-month-old infant boy called Fairfield Police.

During that frantic 911 call, she told police her baby was bleeding profusely from his nose.

When investigators arrived on scene, they said they were shocked.

“It was a very unusual case. It’s disturbing and gruesome.” Troy Oviatt, with the Fairfield Police Major Crimes Unit, told a Sacramento TV station.

Police say it didn’t take long to zero-in on the father of the boy, 18-year-old Joshua Cooper.

He was arrested for allegedly biting off a third of his son’s nose because the child wouldn’t stop crying.

The infant also suffered from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging.

The child is being treated at Oakland Children’s Hospital.

As for Cooper, he’s charged with child endangerment and aggravated mayhem.


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