Dyersburg Man Sentenced For Beating Roommate To Death

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(Dyersburg, TN) - This week a Dyersburg man started serving a two-year sentence after his conviction for beating his roommate to death.

Zachary Jones pled guilty to reckless homicide charges in the death of Conner Sturgis.

Police say Jones and Sturgis got into a fight at their house on Victory Street in 2012.

The victim's injuries were so bad, he had to be airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, where he later died.


  • Freedomwasawesome

    2 years! I hope there is a very good reason that there is only a 2 year sentence. A Very good reason!!!!!

  • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

    The pale face creature will be free under TN law automatically in 6-8 months. If he was negro it would be 51 yrs and 1st degtee murder. The hypocrisy. Is sickening.

      • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

        Snowdemon,are you really this desperate to hijack my user name? Toeducate you. I graduted from a county school but Mcs would’ve been fine. Secondly, the beast in this article beat a man down then had his charge reduced to a Class E felony that carries 1-6yrs then got 2yrs automatic probation after 30% . I would say great miscarriage.

      • Snowdemon

        I’m sure you were in the courtroom. I’m sure you heard all of the evidence for and against, and know the case in its entirety. I’m sure you sat on the jury, were the presiding judge, the state attorney, or the defense attorney. I’m sure you’re a legal scholar that passed the Tennessee Bar. Because if not, you’re just another ignorant person passing judgment regarding a situation you can’t comprehend in its entirety. And yeah, my name is a play on yours, because, well, there’s room for two trolls in this discussion. It ‘s cute that you graduated highschool..

  • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

    Snowdemon you must be a relative of this cold blooded murder
    Killer mud duck. Secondly, your juvenile high school comnent is amusing
    Thirdly, I didn’t need to be in the courtroom and the FACT is if the quoted is correct he will be out max the time I quoted. Prove me wrong. What’s up? Can’t stand a negro KNOWS what he’s TALKING about? Intimated huh? Punk!

  • Snowdemon

    And in one fell swoop, your infantile grasp on logic has given the entire internet licesnse to laugh at you. Mission accmplished – I’m out . ;)

  • snowdemoncorrectorandhateruh

    Snowdemon you sound like a homosexual racist broke fool living in your mama’s basement having flashbacks of your daddy’s late night visits.

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