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The Story Behind A Graveside Sandbox

(Lake City, FL) The thought of a sandbox as part of a grave is, honestly, an odd one.

But that’s just wheat you’ll find at the grave of Ryan Jolley, who died just five days after he was born.

Ashlee Hammac told People she wanted to take her other son, Tucker, with her to visit Ryan’s grave, “He always goes out there with me, and sits out there, and sings lullabies, and talks to him just like he was there. So I wanted it to be special for him too. His favorite thing right now is trucks.”

Ryan died due to a lack of oxygen during his birth which caused a condition known as Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephlopathy.

Hammac told People Tucker has been cherishing these moments of interacting with his lost sibling, often asking his mother if he can go to “baby Ryan’s sandbox.”



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