Commissioner Gibbons Explains Need For DMV Changes

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(Memphis) Proposed changes to DMV operations could not come soon enough for hundreds who wait in line at the reinstatement center at the Hickory Ridge Mall.

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons broke down why improvements are needed.

Gibbons said there is a problem with the skill level of some of the employees. That is one of the issues leading to the hours and hours of waiting people face any time they need service. It is something he says is unacceptable." The amount of time that that employee is serving that customer should be no longer than 12 minutes," Gibbons said. "That's our standard."

With 17 vacancies there are not enough employees to get the job done, creating frustration and anger for customers. One man, Ronald Frye, who had been waiting in line for four hours said, "They were at number 50 at 10:00. If I go to my job and only do 50 things by 10:00 after being there for four hours, they would fire me. They deserve the same treatment."

Another customer, Cassey Triplett, added, "We're just waiting and they just look at us like, 'Oh, well!' We just feel that they don't care."

It was not just the people waiting in line for hours at the reinstatement center who were expressing their feelings. People took to social media to share their opinions as well. On Facebook, Carla Jackson said, "Thank goodness somebody has finally voiced the customer relation problems that plague this area!"

Gibbons admitted there are problems with hours of operation, staffing, and service. "We understand we have a lot of employees whose skills need to be improved, and we're working to help those employees improve their skills."

However, he is adamant they have now found viable solutions.

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  • kay

    is this not a state position? do the employees not get tested prior to being hired. if they cannot pass a test, do they still hire them?
    Good Grief, its amazing anyone has a license, I could not afford to wait in a line for 4 hours. Most of the people most have numerous problems with their license, suspension, revoked, DUI, etc..

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