City Wants To Know Your Biking And Walking Habits

greenways trail

(Memphis) There is no question Memphis has become a lot more bike friendly, but city planners want to make things are even better for cyclist and pedestrians  in the future and are asking for your help.

The Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization has created an online survey to find out the biking and walking habits of people in the region.

The MPO includes Memphis and 17 other cities in four counties.

Right now there are about 400 miles of bike lanes and biking and walking trails in the region with plans for 200 miles more.

The goal is one day  have as many as 2,000 miles of bike facilities.

There is a bike and pedestrian public planning meeting March 26th at 5:30 p.m. at the Memphis Central Library.

To take part in the Mid-South Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey click here.


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