BBB Consumer Alert: ABC Waste, Inc.

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(Memphis) The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South has issued a consumer alert for ABC Waste, Inc.

"Superior service that you deserve. 100% guaranteed," reads the ABC Waste Inc. website.

" When we first started using them -- great service," said Chris Dowdy.

However, things took a turn for the worst.

" It was Tuesday evening, it was Wednesday morning, it was Thursday morning.  It's just progressively gotten worse," Dowdy explained his frustrations.

The situation got bad enough for the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South to call the company out.

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"Their complaint volume has increased dramatically in the last couple of months since January," Nancy Crawford, Spokesperson for BBB said.

The company racked up 45 complaints withing a 70 day period.

"Most of the complaints allege that the company has provided poor service, they have missed trash collection, not picked up people's trash from their trash cans-- left it in their yards," Crawford said.

Customers complain they are not able to get in touch with the company.

The company once held a BBB accreditation but was later revoked.

"They have had an "F" rating with us since June of 2013," Crawford said.

The rating is now prompting a warning.

"A company that has failed to respond to 18 other customers of theirs may not respond to an issue that you have if you have," Crawford continued.

People like Chris Dowdy got tired of dealing with the problems.  So, he closed the lid on a situation that stinks.

"You know what -- we're gone. We've had enough," he said.

WREG went to ABC Waste Inc. for comment on Friday.

While a manager declined an on-camera interview, they claim everything is back to normal.

The company refused to talk much about the complaints but said some of those customers affected will get a one month credit.


  • Stephanie Roberts

    yes ABC has not picked up trash since December yet still debiting my account!!! This is week two of trying to get my money back.

  • Tired of the Trash

    Abc waste is ran by a family named the Elliots. Joe and Brenda are in charge and are as trashy as the business they run. I have stopped in and seen children playing in and around the office in bare feet and nearly naked. I have heard things about them moving too another state soon. Hopefully service will get better.

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