Update On Josh Hardy After Getting Drug At St. Jude

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(Memphis) A 7-year-old boy at St. Jude has received an experimental drug his doctors and patients hope will save his life.

Today we were told Josh Hardy received the drug, brincidofovir just before 9 Wednesday night.

Hardy will receive several doses of the antiviral drug for an infection from which he is suffering, and be monitored closely.

Doctors treating the child say that while he is very ill, he may be allowed to go outside for a short time this afternoon.

Doctors told us today he used an intravenous version of the drug before but it can damage his kidneys which are already in bad shape.

Josh has survived cancer four times in his short life.

Brincidofovir is not approved by the FDA but is being used under a special protocol.

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  • dawn

    you are all in our thoughts and prayers …i hope like crazy this works for him …hang tough little guy ….sounds like you are a fighter :) <3

  • Josh

    Hang in there big guy! I have a son just one year younger than you! Last night when I was explaining how I wrote a letter to Chimerix like so many others, he told me that he hoped to meet you and play ball with you! You are an inspiration to so many kids and you give so many parents strength because we love you kiddos beyond words!

  • nicole muller

    Prayers for josh and his mom and dad. He is such a strong little boy. God will bless him with a miracle! Stay strong!

  • Josh

    Hi Josh, my name is Josh too, like you I am fighting cancer. I am 27 though and you’ve been through way much more than me. You’re my hero buddy! BEAT THIS!!

  • purplewings123

    My prayers for Josh and his family. A new drug may be an answer to all of it. You’ve had a rough time in your 7 years on earth. Stay strong and get well because the good times are on the way. May God Bless!

  • Susanna S. Dorsey

    Prayers are with you sweet little hero!! You are so strings and God will smile on you. You are a true angle!!

  • Diane R

    Thank you to the drug corporation and clinical research team for utilizing the compassionate dosing of the drug. Although it goes against your overall goal to make a medicine that can be offered and utilized by all children, you set yourself apart by allowing this to happen. May all your children be healthy and well.

  • Karen Brown

    Our prayers are with the whole family, especially with Josh. So proud of our little home town of Bellefonte’s support and prayers. To all the Hardy’s you are and always will be in our hearts. Love the Karen,Frank, Laura and Mike Brown xxooo

  • Debbie Lindemann

    I have been following Josh’s from the start. My prayers are for healing and comfort for Josh. To soon have him running and jumping with his brothers and hugging his mom & dad. My heart aches for the Hardy family but amazed at how God is leading them by faith. For all the children who needs God’s touch to heal them, my continued prayers. Thanking God for allowing the doctors to use this drug for healing to all those who need it. Your walk with God will give you the continued strength to be the rock your family needs. i am amazed at your sacrifice and strength. Continued prayers!

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