Two Adults Arrested For Posting Sexually Explicit Ads For Teen Online

(Memphis) Dozens of sexually explicit ads cover the adult section of

Memphis Police say an ad on the site landed Brittaney Bell and Jimmy Bryant behind bars.

Court records show the two adults held a 15-year-old girl hostage, snapped pictures of her, and posted an ad on, offering sex with the teen for cash.

Thursday, WREG checked the site and saw the ad has been removed.

Bell and Bryant are charged with human trafficking.

Rachel Sumner is the executive director of Restore Corps, an anti-human trafficking group here in Memphis.

Sumner says sites like make it much easier for buyers to get to these teens.

“It’s safer for the trafficker to hold then in a secure location, gain a buyer through a digital format like Backpage and then set up the perimeters for that meet-and-greet.”

Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper and dozens of others are actually working to get the all of the sites illegal activity shut down.

A letter sent to by the attorneys general in 2011 calls the site a hub for trafficking minors, saying, nationally, more than 400 adult services posts every month may involve minors.

“Unless we make it our business, our communities aren’t going to be safer on their own,” said Sumner.

Ball and Bryant head to court next week.


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