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Saving With Smartphones: Coupon Apps On The Rise

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(Memphis) Saving cold, hard cash is all in the palm of your hands!

Some people are starting to abandon their paper coupons and let their smartphones do the work for them.

Jessica White runs the blog My Memphis Mommy.

She always hits the grocery with her list and coupons, but as stores have changed policies, White has changed her strategy.

"Now with the apps, you can use to save on top of your paper coupons," said White, who uses a combination of coupons clipped from inserts, printables found online, and mobile coupons.

While paper and printables are still the fan favorite, research shows mobile coupon use has nearly tripled over the past few years.

White says it's easy to see why.

"A lot of people say well, I got to the store, I forgot my paper coupons, well, you'll always have your phone."

White mainly uses Ibotta and Checkout 51. You shop, upload a receipt, and get cash back.

White showed WREG how it works when she had two coupons to use in the produce section at Kroger.

"So we have the paper and we have the Ibotta, Halos for .75."

Stacking the savings with a traditional coupon and one from Ibotta means White pays less than $3 for a three-pound pag of mandarins.

She also doubles her discount on diapers, using the Kroger app, plus Ibotta.

"If you go to your Kroger app, there's $1 off of any Luvs diapers, and then we also have $1 off Ibotta," explains White.

She does the same with coupons for milk and orange juice, using the Checkout 51 app.

White scores the orange juice for $1.99 instead of $3.49.

Coupon apps aren't just for groceries.

White told WREG, "There's a couple of retail ones like Retail Me Not and Coupon Sherpa."

Snip Snap lets users load clipped coupons, and Clutch allows you to store loyalty and gift card data all in one place.

After checking out, White shows us how simple it is to upload a receipt.

"You'll just go over to the bar code, and you'll hit take photo...and I just claimed $1.  Within a couple of hours, or 48 hours, it will show my money in my account."

After coupons, store savings and cash back, White ended up saving roughly $25.

Other coupon apps:

Favado - Compares sales across stores based on your location

Poachit - Online shoppers can flag items and get an alert when it goes on sale

Price Grabber - Like its website, the app is a comparison tool. You use a bar code to scan and can set up price alerts

Red Laser - Bar code scanner that allows users to compare prices

Cartwheel - Target's app lets customers load offers, then the bar code is scanned at checkout. - Similar to its traditional website, the app allows users to print coupons.  You can also store loyalty cards and link to debit or credit card.

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