Girl Shot By “Known Suspect” At Peppertree Apartments

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(Memphis) A girl was injured in a shooting at the Peppertree Apartments Thursday evening.

She was taken to Le Bonheur in non-critical condition.

The Peppertree Apartments are near Raines Road and Elvis Presley Boulevard.

MPD says the girl was shot by a known suspect.

No one is in custody at this time.


  • Jets

    Why is this place allowed to remain open? It’s a gang haven and people are murdered there regularly. We shouldn’t have to spend taxpayer dollars to protect this place. It’s a known hellhole and not government funded. It’s a privately owned apartment complex. SHUT IT DOWN! Move the decent, non-criminal to respectable public houses.

  • sherita pruitt

    The violence has got out of control in the peppertree apartments something should be done people lives are at stake there are alot of kids in the area its not safe at all!

  • houndog

    The Peppertree Apartments used to be a great place to live in the early ’80s. The good White folks used to live there. But you know what happened. Hickory Hill used to be a good place to live. Not today. You know the story.

  • Soul Beat

    Memphis got to go after the apartment owners they feel aslong as they get the rent money they cool they care less about the city or people

  • Mama

    Good people and children are being held hostage daily, living in fear, because they are too poor and don’t have the savings or means to MOVE AWAY from the roguish thieves and criminals around them. It is beyond sad.

    • Jason

      Black thieves and black gang bangers is right Mama. Tell it like it is.
      Black on black crime in Whitehaven is rampant. And WE all know it.

  • Terrie

    IF these good poor people would tell the police who did the shooting, then maybe they wouldn’t live in fear. Its their own fault.

  • mr.matt

    this place and warren street apartments are two of the worst spots in our city SEPARATE BUT PEACEFUL

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