Plan To Be Annnounced Today To Reduce Memphis DMV Wait Times

(Nashville, TN) If a plan being announced today works, wait times at Memphis area driver services centers should get shorter soon.

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons is announcing the plan Friday afternoon.

The goal is also to reduce congestion, especially  at the Hickory Ridge Driver License Reinstatement Center.

People who have had their license revoked or suspended must go to that center to have it reinstated.

As we’ve reported, wait times at that center can be hours long and just last month people who waited in line since 7 a.m. were told to leave and come back the next door which prompted a near riot.

WREG obtained a recent audit by the State of Tennessee Comptroller’s office on the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

It shows wait times are up at the DMV’s on Summer Avenue and in the Hickory Ridge Mall.

The wait at the Summer office averages just over an hour, the second highest in the state.

The location at the Hickory Ridge Mall has the longest wait times.

We were told that’s because it is a reinstatement center and that process takes longer.

The average time for that is 148 minutes.

Far and away– the longest wait time in the entire state.

The wait there is seven times longer than the wait at the reinstatement center in Nashville, where people wait just 20 minutes.

Frustration with these long wait times are nothing new.

In November, WREG first told you this reinstatement center has the longest wait times in the state.


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