Central Day School Announces Closure

(Collierville, TN) When students from one Mid-South school return from spring break, they’ll be preparing to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers for good. That’s because Central Day School is closing.

The school located inside of Central Church will close its doors for good after this semester.

Parents got word through the mail last weekend that the school’s shutting down because of financial problems.

“We are so sad. We’re confused. We’re praying. We’re very prayerful. Our experience here has been wonderful,” said parent Wuday Thomas.

The private Christian school opened in 1995.

When the congregation moved from Hickory Hill and built a new massive sanctuary in Collierville, church elders made sure the school was a big part of it.

Now, all K-8 classes are ending. The pre-school will remain open.

“It’s really good because otherwise I would have to search for other schools but it’s good to hear they’re not closing,” said Ajay Devarsahetty, the parent of a pre-schooler.

But for others, it means starting all over again. They’ll go from what they consider an awesome place to an unfamiliar one with many new faces.

“He has been here since preschool. He’s in 4th grade now so it’s very difficult to think that we’re not returning back because this is family to us,” said Thomas.

WREG reached out to the principal and vice principal but have not heard back.

Some parents who originally contacted us are also concerned because they’ve been trying to reach administrators without any luck.


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