Bright Spot: Little Helpers Are Making A Big Difference

(Memphis) We found the Little Helpers making cards for men and women serving in the military.

It's just one of the service projects they do in their volunteer hours.

Moms Kristen Landsgaard, Tran Smith and Pat Mitchell Worley founded "Little Helpers" in 2010.

Worley said her daughter Violette is naturally giving and kind, "When we go to Wendy's for instance, or to a fast food place, she always says something nice to the person in the window."

Worley says "Little Helpers" channels Violette's energy giving her a broader sense of community and how she can make a difference, "They always tell kids 'oh wait until you get out of college and you can do this or wait until you go to school and learn to do this.' well why not start now."

The children do service projects every month.

They raise money for childhood cancer research, clean parks, work in gardens and volunteer with animal shelters.

The activities teach the children team work and helps to build their self-confidence.

The idea is for the children to see volunteering as a part of life not as a "special" event and there' s nothing better than having a good time while doing something good.

For more information about the Little Helpers program, visit their Facebook page.

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