Shelby County Schools To Cut More Than 4,700 Jobs

(Shelby County) With the creation of the six municipal school districts, Shelby County Schools is cutting more than 4,700 positions next year.

The new school districts take with them 33 schools and nearly 35,000 students, which significantly contributed to a $220 million reduction in funding for SCS in 2014-15.

Out of the more than 4,700 jobs being cut, officials expect about 3,000 to be absorbed by the municipal schools.

The cuts then break down to 300 transportation jobs, at least 200 office positions, and about 250 teaching jobs.

Out of those numbers, officials say they hope transportation workers will be hired through outsourcing and that many of the 250 teachers leaving are either retiring or resigning.

The other teachers will be entered into a teaching pool, and there’s the possibility they may be hired back.

In a letter to SCS staff, Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said, “We are committed to providing the most possible resources for classrooms, ensuring that high quality teachers and leaders are working in every school and improving academic achievement and opportunities for all students.”

He added, “There will be a series of public presentations and opportunities for feedback again this year before a budget is approved.”

Click here to see the 2014-14 draft budget calendar.


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