Renewed Effort By Police To Find Missing Mississippi Girl

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(Hernando, MS) John Phillips never dreamed a nationwide search for missing 2-year-old Myra Lewis would end up in his backyard.

”I was kinda shocked. I hope they find her.”

For nearly two weeks, the search for the girl who is missing from Camden, Miss., has taken center stage across the state.

DeSoto County Chief Deputy Macon Moore says it’s all anyone could even talk about at a recent state-wide meeting.

”It was probably 40 different agencies represented in Jackson and it was the buzz of that meeting.”

Now, everyone has put a renewed focus on the Memphis area.

Local Law enforcement agencies say the report of a clerk who claims to have seen little Myra Lewis at this Memphis motel Tuesday night, has only heightened their awareness and sense of urgency.

Moore says DeSoto deputies get regular updates on the case at roll call, and bulletins though their in-car computers.

"After yesterday, we stepped up our awareness, put it on our Facebook page.”

He says there’s nothing DeSoto law officers won’t do to make sure they stay on top of the case.

"When there’s a child involved, we pull out all the stops. We just want to make sure the public is aware that she could potentially be in our area. One citizen, one person could solve this crime.”

Even casual observers say they’ve noticed a difference in local police and deputies since the focus of the case shifted here.

Officers say they won’t rest until there’s a break or an arrest in the case, and Myra is safe.