Indictment In Murder Of Ole Miss Student

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(Oxford, MS) Three men have been indicted for the murder of a Ole Miss student.
Derrick Boone, 23, Steven Matthew Wilbanks, 23, and Joseph Lyons, 20, have been indicted.

Lyons is a former Ole Miss student while Boone and Wilbanks students at the time of the murder.

Graduate student Zach McClendon was found dead in his apartment on County Road 140 December 17, 2013.

McClendon was reportedly shot in his head with a .12-gauge shotgun after being robbed.

Court documents show the men admitted to killing the Ole Miss graduate student during a robbery.

They reportedly took the his SUV, which was found later at a convenience store near the Oxford city limits.


    • PenelopeAnn

      I know it’s hard for some of you bigots to believe a white person committed this heinous crime….but it’s true. As a matter of fact, there were 2 out of the three thugs who did this. This was a GRADUATE student they senselessly murdered. Apparently, this guy was trying to do something productive with himself. Race doesn’t matter when it comes to crime, however, since some of these idiots who post on here enjoy bringing race up…There you go.

      • Freedomwasawesome

        No I don’t find it hard to believe. However won’t make any excuse for them. They should die for what they have done. I don’t care what color they are

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