“Bossy” Undermines Girls, Vacationing Without Baby, And Too Drunk To Gamble?

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Here today are Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max, Angela Jackson from V-101 Radio and our own Adam Hammond.

Celebrities have teamed up for a new campaign to help girls.

It's called "ban bossy".

The message is to stop people from using words like "bossy" because it keeps girls from becoming leaders.

The C-O-O of Facebook started the campaign.

Do you think it's true, what they're saying?

Prince William and his wife Kate are being criticized for going on a vacation, without their seven-month-old baby.

They're on an island in the Indian Ocean, while a nanny and their family watches Prince George.

When is it too soon for new parents to leave baby behind?

A Las Vegas casino faces a lawsuit from a California gambler who lost half-a-million dollars.

Mark Johnston's lawyer claims his client was so intoxicated, he couldn't read his playing cards.

Johnston says the casino took advantage of him, citing gaming regulations that forbid casinos from allowing visibly intoxicated gamblers to play.

But do you think this guy is just a sore loser?